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                   11x14" Tintype by Geoffrey Berliner


11x14" Tintype by Geoffrey Berliner




Jolene Lupo is as photographer based in New York City. After receiving her BFA in Photography at the Fashion Institute of Technology, she went on to practice historic photographic processes. Her work focuses on points of intersection between life, death, memory and loss. She currently holds the position of Tintype Studio Manager at Penumbra Foundation.

Project Links

Wet plate specialist for Victoria Will's 2015 Sundance Tintypes.

Hosted an Evening of Spirit Photography at the Penumbra Tintype Studio.

Behind the Scenes: High Speed Spirit Photographs.

B &H Photography Podcast: Re-Inventing Alternative-Process Photography in the Digital Age.

Panel Discussion: Looking Back: Alternative Photography in the Digital Age, hosted by The Photo Brigade at Adorama.